Where does it stop?

Everyone seems to be complaining about how bad the police brutality has gotten throughout the United States of America in recent years and there have been a large number or huge media coverages about this topic while protests have ensued in places like Baltimore, Ferguson, San Francisco and other major cities across the country where police brutality and pig cops have taken over and gotten a lot worse for all of the people of America to see through major media outlets and social media.

It’s absolutely disgusting how bad it’s gotten here in the USA, but let’s not forget that in this country we have been able to alienate these police officers and make them feel like the piece of shit pigs that they are, and it’s been very apparent in recent years that Americans have tended to trust their local police force much less than in the past.

But still, even in the USA we have it a lot better in terms of police brutality than in many other countries across the world. We’ve seen in places like Spain, Greece and Turkey, and even in Syria where the police has been so horrifyingly terrible to the average ever day citizens of these countries. It has come to the point that many of these countries across the globe have been forced to use their own military against their own people. I think that if this were ever to happen in the United States we would see a whole different type of revolution on our hands, so let’s just be thankful that none of our police brutality incidents have gotten that far.

In Spain we’ve seen Special Forces of police officers use rubber bullets and tear gas to calm down protestors, and it’s only gotten much worse in a lot of these European countries. So my question is when will all of this end if it ever will? What’s it going to take for the governments of so many countries across the globe, including the United States, to say enough is enough, let’s give the people what they want and need from us.

It’s become this sense of obligation that has been lost from so many governmental agencies, and the result has been that so many people across the world have lost faith in their elected officials and the governments that rule over them. Democracy has been shattered in so many places, even in the Arab Spring where theocratic dictators have been taken over in democracy’s name. But what is a democracy without the power of the people? If the people aren’t the voice of reason for a government than can you really say that this particular government is a democracy? The entire definition of the term has been lost and it will continue to be lost until something happens, but what that something is has yet to occur or be thought up.
It’s this something, an event of some kind of mind-blowing occurrence that may potentially halt the hypocrisy that is police brutality in democratic nations.

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Baltimore Riots

The Baltimore riots that happened in early 2015 were some of the most obscene and violent protests that have happened in the United States of America in recent years, and it is completely the result of racism and police brutality that has perpetuated this area of the Chesapeake Bay for decades, and it’s come to a point that most Americans have known but done nothing about what has happened to the poor populations of Baltimore, Maryland.

A lot of people have come to know how bad things have been within the police departments in Baltimore through the hit HBO show The Wire, but even with the media publicity of a show like The Wire it still doesn’t bring enough action to changing anything in Baltimore. It has been the type of situation where everyone knows what’s going on in the city, but they have no idea what exactly they want to do about it, so they do nothing. It’s the type of situation that seems so bad that it can’t possibly be fixed, but that’s surely not the case and is only a figment of people’s imaginations working against themselves and the oppressed people of Baltimore.

Baltimore cops are known to be some of the very worst cops in the entire country, almost like the fattest pigs of all the pigs in the entire USA. But it comes with some territory, because if you think about it Baltimore also has one of the highest crime rates out of any major city throughout the entire nation, so where there is more crime there tends to be stricter and more obscene police brutality. The worst part of all of this really capitulated earlier in 2015 when the people of Baltimore took to the streets and started looting and rioting throughout the city’s neighborhoods creating a whole whirlwind of media attention from national networks and international broadcasts. Anyone who follows the news read and heard about what happened in Baltimore earlier this year, and we all know that these protests were about police brutality, but does that mean that any of the problems these people were protesting about got any better once the protests ended?

I think in the long term a lot of Baltimore police officers will now think twice about acting out brutally, and I think that goes for a lot of pig cops throughout the entire country. A lot of the viral videos that have surfaced through social media in 2015 have been the result of cops being brutal in public and being filmed through people’s phones. This is one of the ways that people can get back at police brutality and keep a better tab on the people who have been trained and hired to ‘serve and protect’ us from evil.

Of course by filming cops and having cops carry around cameras on their shoulders we’ll get a better idea of who is being pigs and who needs to be fired from the force, but it won’t ever stop the ever continual man slaughter of Americans and the worst incarceration problem out of any nation on the planet, it’s just a matter of time until things really get bad in the USA.

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How I Was Effected

I want to tell the story about how I personally was involved with police brutality and quite a few of some pig cops that took their job way too seriously and eventually put me in jail for something that I had no place for being in jail for a night for doing, even though there was maybe some kind of justification. I’d like to clarify now that the end result of this police brutality was that all my charges were expunged and that I wasn’t forced to pay anything more than thirty dollars, but it was still a large pain in my ass and it could have been a lot more expensive if I had decided to hire a lawyer, because it did actually get pretty bad and my charges were actually very severe and I was in court on charges that could have put me in prison for a full year of my life.

Now I know that might sound pretty bad, because it obviously does, but I do want you to know that I am a good person and not any kind of criminal who did something bad against another human being, I didn’t, but I guess you could say in a way I did something wrong against myself.

This story takes place is in Aspen, Colorado in early 2014 during the very cool and awesome Winter X Games that takes place every January in Aspen and is a huge tourist attraction for all action sports enthusiasts and people who love to party and ski in the mountains. My friend and I arrived in Aspen on a cold Thursday evening and immediately started drinking hard alcohol through sneaking it into the events in our thick winter jackets and watching some cool skiing and snowboarding while sipping on whiskey. We continued to drink after the games were over at a bar right down the street from where we were staying in the heart of Aspen, and everything was fun and going well until I made the decision to go outside to smoke a cigarette.

After I was done with my cigarette I walked back towards the entrance of the bar, but the bouncer wouldn’t let me back in. I pleaded with the bouncer that I had a tab open and that my friends and stuff were back down in the bar, but he still wouldn’t let me go in because I was too intoxicated. I got pretty upset and walked down the Aspen streets alone back towards the home we were staying in, but as I was walking down the streets looking down at the ground mad and upset at what just happened I bumped into four police officers who were also walking down the streets.

They asked me where I was going and I said back to my friend’s house, and without any hesitation they decided to pounce on me and throw me down to the ground face first giving me a bruised cheek and even a slightly chipped tooth. I didn’t understand just why they arrested me so I started to squirm, and they took that as resisting arrest and charged me for being drunk in public and resisting arrest, which are big charges.

Obviously I got out of it but I still had to pay over 200 dollars for my tooth repair, and it was just horrifically piggish moments for these cops. Brought to you by Boise roofing.

Individual Power

Let’s take a look at police brutality as it consumes the culture of the United States of America and abroad. It really is something that needs to be addressed at a full-scale debate and it’s strange that it doesn’t come up very much when our next 2016 Presidential candidates come together for debates and their public speaking events. There definitely is discussion in recent years circulating around police brutality and that’s simply because things have gotten out of hand the time has come for the people of the United States of America to speak their opinions and be the voice of the people like they’ve always supposed to be, and let the authority figures of police departments know that they’ve over exercised their individual power.


So what’s an American to do about cops being pigs and the entire scene of police brutality that has perpetuated each and every one of our major cities and has reaped out into the countrysides and into small towns? We’ve seen that in Ferguson, Missouri the people started rioting over the murder of young black men, but that only lead to even more police brutality and violence which has self perpetuated itself into a complete tornado in Ferguson making the town itself a symbol of American police brutality for the whole world to see through social media, and that’s obviously not a good image for the USA even if it has gotten the message out to the world that we in the United States have a serious problem on our hands. But just like what the Dalai Lama and Gandhi promoted throughout their lives, violence never creates anything else but more violence, so what’s happening in Ferguson is just another example of the stupidity of human beings and how they think that by using violence and other means of getting their voices across they can make a difference for the better.
In certain situations this method has actually been quite effective. If you think about the USA was founded on a very violent revolutionary war, and the result was obviously the creation of our country that we have today free from the confines of British law. So when you see these violent scenes on the news and on Facebook from Ferguson you’re seeing a group of people that are desperate to be heard, that have gone through so much police brutality that it’s hit a breaking point and people are starting to act out irrationally. But what are the people of Ferguson trying to get out of all these protests and violent acts against police? Do they really think that by acting out violently against the police that they’ll get their police officers to be less violent? Obviously the opposite is going to be the result and the police brutality in that area is only going to get worse for years to come until they decide that legislation and other means of protest are for the best, which they always tend to be. Just look at Gandhi, he knew how to conduct a protest, so why can’t that happen today?

Why Cops are “pigs” talk about police brutality.

First off I’d like to say that a lot of police officers in and throughout the United States of America do a wonderful job at helping out their local communities and keeping the streets of America safe from crime and tyranny. But there is so much more to what a police officers role is that has been so convoluted and changed over recent decades to the point that the idea of an Andy Griffith type of sheriff in small town America has become completely obsolete, and it’s not necessarily the police officers’ faults, and it’s not the people’s fault entirely. So who’s to blame for cops being complete pigs and the sky rocketing increase in police brutality? I’ll tell you right now that it’s hard to point the finger at anyone for such a risky and complicated discussion that seems to be perpetuating American culture, but in order to find the source from the act of police brutality you need to go all the way back to the source of the brutality, and that’s at police academies and the way in which police officers are trained.


If you really think about it, it makes sense that the reason why there is so much police brutality within the United States is because police officers have been trained to be brutal towards normal American citizens. If you are trained in a military fashion in which you become an expert with a large gun or pistol, then you’re going to be more likely to use your weapons when the going gets tough out in the streets. There isn’t enough emphasis towards talking things out with regular citizens as much as there is to scare police officers that every single day their lives are at risk, that the streets they enforce are war zones, and that if they don’t act accordingly they could never see their children and families ever again.


If you scare anyone enough to feel like their lives are at stake that is only naturally going to instill a sense of fear within the subjects, our local police officers. You can’t really expect anything more from a police officer than brutality in this day in age, for the most part, because that’s what they’ve been trained to do and how to act.


It also goes the other way of course in terms of our criminals and other regular American people. We have all come to hate the police and have this incredibly negative connotation towards ‘pig’ cops that don’t know how to do their jobs and need to leave regular, normal living American citizens alone. And so because we also have this connotation that police are pigs and that they’re going to act out brutally against us we have reacted to police officers violently, which has only just continued this cycle of police brutality and made it that much worse to the point that we are now where we are: The United Police States of America. Welcome to the machine, everyone.